Montag, 28. Februar 2011

Nippon trippin !!!


its now 2 weeks that we have been in Japan and it was once again an epic trip..
we visited the main island first and went to the Nagano area
then we went to the Slope event a big Japanese Competition. after that we decided to go to hokkaido to ride some good Powder and get some shots done.

in the followong shots u can follow our trip a bit and get some feelings of how it was

Deep Pow in hokkaido
Shinjuku nightlife

Stani and myself at the Slope contest

Pillow heaven

Asahidake Mtn .

hokkaido has the best sushi in the world

Shinjuku Prince Hotel View

taht was our crew for 2 weeks
Alex, Stani, Keiji, Yugo and myselfg

i so hope to be back next year
thx buddies for this awesome trip



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