Freitag, 31. Dezember 2010

Happy new year

I wish everyone a happy new year..


Mittwoch, 22. Dezember 2010

Ästhetiker Christmas TV Show´s

Hier noch eine kleine Auffrischung fürs Feiertags-Alltagsprogramm:


“ÄLIVE – Old Dogs and Young Guns” - eine 3teilige Reality-Serie über die Snowboard-Crew “Die Ästhetiker” mit folgenden Snowboardern:
Steve Gruber
Chris Kröll
Werni Stock
Alex Walch
Georg Huber


Die erfahrenen Old Dogs (Neudeutsch bzw. snowboarderisch für "Alte Hasen") führen 2 Young Guns (Neudeutsch bzw. snowboarderisch für "Jungspunde") aus dem Zillertal in die Welt des Backcountrys ein. Jede Menge Powder, unfassbare Sprünge und Contest-Action inklusive.

am 24.12 um 20:30 gibt es auch ein RED BULL "Bullet Point" Special mit den Ästhetikern

Sendetermin der Shows:

ab Samstag, 25.12.2010, 17:35 Uhr (wöchentlich)
im Red Bull TV-Fenster bei Servus TV

Viel Spass beim Schauen und ein Frohes Fest,

Samstag, 18. Dezember 2010

Playboard´s Reader ask - Pro´s Answer !!


if you always wanted to know something special about me or about Snowboarding then now it is time to write me a mail..
just klick on the link and write your Question to the Playboard Magazine ..

i will answer them as soon as i get them


Snowpark Rally Mission #1 is on

Hey People

the Snowpark Rally is on again and it would be nice if you get your camera out and try to be creative on your Board..
mission 1 is online and you can check out the missions at

Samstag, 11. Dezember 2010

wallriding the day away

Hey Boys & Girls

after a party night we went to Weer to have a look at this Wallride.
Mario Wanger had big troubles in the beginning to even make the inrun straight.. haha

but in the end it worked out quite good and we all had sme fun hitting this wallride..

Talk soon CK

Freitag, 10. Dezember 2010

Warm up - Powder Jib line @ Ruama Park

an easy warm up powder line at the Ruama Park

Ruama Park reset

Hey Everybody

our Ruama Park got some fresh snow today
we had areally good session and i hope it is gonna stay cold now

talk soon


Dienstag, 7. Dezember 2010

Medium line @ Penken first Laps

we where shredding the medium line in the Penken Park today and it was good fun .
there is a Down Box and a Down rail on top. then there is a flat down box and rail and then two jumps in a row.
the second jump is definitely better and has a steeper landing too.
all in all it is cool that there is a set up like this early season although they have not so much snow to work with ..

talk soon


Mittwoch, 24. November 2010

Mittwoch, 17. November 2010

Snowfun @ Pleasure Jam 2010

like every year the Pleasure Jam is the first TTr Competition in Austria.
i was really looking forward to go there because i was already shredding a lot before.
The Park was looking really good but after riding it for a couple of runs we knew that the speed was a big issue on the jumps.
it was really hard to clear the 2nd kicker in the Qualification but luckily i made it through to the Semi finals

Our Team manager from Adidas "Gentile" brought some special wax with him and it was our lifesafer.
only with that wax i was really able to clear the jump really good . so i made it all the way through to the Finals and in the Finals everything was possible
my first run was good but i fucked up the last jump in the 2nd run so i ended up in 6th place. But i am rally stoked with this result and i hope it will work out like that for the next competitions too.

when i was taking the gondola down there was a really nice sunset and it felt even better .

back home we started to build a lift for our "Ruama Park" it is kind of private but it is gonna be soo sick.
i will keep u updated on that
so talk to you soon.


Montag, 8. November 2010

"Rock the Fridge" .. indoor Snowboarding in Netherland

On the weekend we went on a Trip to the Netherlands. Steve Gruber, Mario Wanger our filmer Julian and myself.
Our good friend Sam organised an event in the Landgraaf indoor Snowboard hall.

the guys put a lot of effort in to make the indoor park look really good. in fact i never jumped such good jumps indoor before.
there was also a contest and we judged it. the winner got a wildcard to the Austrian Slopestyle Masters in Westendorf.

after the event we had some "indoor Apres ski" .. and i gotta tell you it was really bizarre.. but a lot of fun .

Dienstag, 26. Oktober 2010

Moreboards Stubai Zoo Premiere

Hey boys & girls

on the weekend i have been to the Stubai Premiere.
it was a lot of fun and the park was awesome. we made a little edit about the 2 days and when it goes online i will post it here.
in the meantime i got a picture from the park up there

after the shredding it was time for the premiere of our new Ästhetiker Movie in Innsbruck. Jamaram played a live gig and the Party was awesome.
afterwards we went to the Stupai party and finished the night there.

Dienstag, 29. Juni 2010

Norway with the Adidas Crew

Norway with the Adidas Team

i was flying in over Denmark when i spotted this amazing coast scenerie.. i had to make an Photo instantly because i thought it looks amazing

This is the coastline from Denmark on the way to Norway...

We stayed a night in bergen and headed to Folgefonna the next day, where we saw this beautiful waterfall on the way.. we where always stopping and doing photos like Japanese Tourists .. haha

Thats the View from the Top of the Glacier over the valley and a bit of the Snow Park ..
it started raining after the first 2 hours so i will post some more Photos tomorrow..

Donnerstag, 11. März 2010

Sushi and Sake Team Trip 2010

first we arrived in Tokyo and went to the SBJ Tradeshow which is the biggest Extreme sports show in Japan.

but the problem in tokyo sometimes is getting where u want as u see on this subway panel.. OMG

after the Tradeshow we went to go shred some pow finally. we where travelling "ECO" with the train for the whole Trip. and we used the fastest one on the Planet. it´s called "Shinkansen" and does up to 300 km/H

yes we had a lot of bags toos so the train travel sometimes was pretty much a hazzle . LOL

this is the view over "Tomamu" from one of the peaks. nice little area with lots of good tree runs

our Hotel was really crazy. 2 massive skyscrapes in the middle of the mountains.

me and Simon enjoying some fresh powder

this was one of the spots we shot at night.

we also watched the Toyota big Air in sapporo. was a really good contest and lots of freaky japanese Fans :)

this is one of the really hidden restaurants in Tokyo in one of the small side roads. those places have the best and the most real japanese food. i love them

after 3 weks of japanese powder and good city times it was time to head back again. this was the last dinner with our Völkl reps ind Tokyo.
till next time . eeööhhh

Freitag, 12. Februar 2010

Powder @ Hochkönig

last week we checked the weather and saw that it was dumpng really good in the Hochkönig area in Salzburg
so we went there straight
this is a video from those 2 days
Enjoy... eeööhh


Mittwoch, 10. Februar 2010

From Russia with Love

i was not looking forward to get the Russian visa again last week. because it was time again to head over there and have some good time riding the 4 Star "BGV Fest" Event.
we flew in to Moscow and then on to Magnitogorsk where the Event was. so deep in the Ural.

when we arrived it was -30 degrees and it was staying that cold also during the Event.
but it as still super fun to ride because the Set up was pretty good and the riders where motivated..

in the finals all the Riders where really throwing it down and there was a super high level..
Chris Sörman won the Contest with a Sw Bs 9 to bs 9 line..
my final line was fs 1080 to bs7 ..

in the end i finished in 4th place and i even got some bling.. so all good..
Stani and myself had a lot of good Russian fun and we for sure will be back.

watch out for the upcoming Video Blog About our Russia Trip..
be tight

Samstag, 16. Januar 2010

Olddogs & Youngguns Reality Show

since 2 days we started a Project where the Olddogs go ride with the Youngguns and try to teach them some Lessons in the Backcountry. in the end it is gonna be a Reality Show on TV

that was the jump we built the day before so the boys did not know what to expect.. !!

this are the 2 Youngguns Georg Huber und Alex Walch

and that was the beautiful Sunset after a successfull day... eeööhhh

till the next time

Donnerstag, 14. Januar 2010

Powder Jump @ Secret Spot

This was a Jump we built with our crew...
it is for a Project we started this year
to be continued !!

Groms Open 2010

The Tell-Ä-Vision Season 2010 started.. check out Steve and myself enjoying some Powder and the Groms killing it in the Park !!

Montag, 11. Januar 2010

O´neill Evolution Pro 2010

last week it was time again for the O´neill contest in Davos. i went there with my brother Rudi, Stani and Herby. The Slopestyle Set Up was in a hard but good condition. the only problem at first was to get to know the speed. once u had that figured out it was fun to ride.
we had a really cosy appartement there too. actually that was the first time i really enjoyed a nice appartement in davos instead of a bunk bed hostel.. :)

at the Qualification i was in the first heat at 10 in the morning. it was pretty hard conditions at that time but ok to ride.

but i saw the best ride at the end of the day. a stunning "Bugatti" next to the contest area. i think i looked at it for 10 min. haha

thats for this times blog. hope u check it out next time