Donnerstag, 11. März 2010

Sushi and Sake Team Trip 2010

first we arrived in Tokyo and went to the SBJ Tradeshow which is the biggest Extreme sports show in Japan.

but the problem in tokyo sometimes is getting where u want as u see on this subway panel.. OMG

after the Tradeshow we went to go shred some pow finally. we where travelling "ECO" with the train for the whole Trip. and we used the fastest one on the Planet. it´s called "Shinkansen" and does up to 300 km/H

yes we had a lot of bags toos so the train travel sometimes was pretty much a hazzle . LOL

this is the view over "Tomamu" from one of the peaks. nice little area with lots of good tree runs

our Hotel was really crazy. 2 massive skyscrapes in the middle of the mountains.

me and Simon enjoying some fresh powder

this was one of the spots we shot at night.

we also watched the Toyota big Air in sapporo. was a really good contest and lots of freaky japanese Fans :)

this is one of the really hidden restaurants in Tokyo in one of the small side roads. those places have the best and the most real japanese food. i love them

after 3 weks of japanese powder and good city times it was time to head back again. this was the last dinner with our Völkl reps ind Tokyo.
till next time . eeööhhh