Samstag, 12. Februar 2011

1st place @ the Gloryfy Bastards Contest

hey people

yesterday i went to Gerlos to compete in the "Gloryfy Bastards Contest..
when i arrived there the first thing i saw was this huge corner looking Obstacle with a massive jump feature in the middle

it was a really scary feature but it also looked totally doable. after the training i knew that it was way smoother built then the year before and we where trying some solid tricks

i won the qualification but all the 6 riders who where in the Semi finals where able to win the contest so i knew it would be a hard fight in the end. the picture below shows the standing after the Quali

from the Top the stadium looked crazy.. there was so many people watching it and the atmosphere was really intense.
i am really happy that it worked out that well for e in the end. thx to all the people who made it happen .
see you next year



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