Samstag, 29. Oktober 2011

Stubai Opening

Hey there

first little Blog from the Season
Stubai Opening was on and it was soo much fun ..

super nice weather like on the other Openings before

was good to häng with the boys and motivate ourselves at the beginning of the Season

check them after a exhausting day of riding .. haha .. i think they did not like that Photoshoot

talk soon


Montag, 9. Mai 2011

hey people

check the Shot we did yesterday at the SPC .. was a fun day ..


Samstag, 23. April 2011

guest at the "Bullet Points" show

hey people

A couple of days ago i got invited as a Talkguest for the Red Bull Bullet Point Show.
the Show is not all about Extreme Sports and it is kind of new that it gets recorded in front of an audience
Alexander Mazza was the Host and it was really good fun doing the Show with him ..

so if u wanna see how it was then watch Bullet Pints tonight at 10:30 pm on Servus TV



Sonntag, 17. April 2011

Argon Shoot update #3

hey people

we have been to St. Christoph for the last two days to check the remaining Spring Pow Situation
we stil wanted to do one or two spots for the movie done..

but the Snow was everything else then good.. super wind hammered and actually pretty crusty on top ..
we actually had a really good spot and built a nice Jump but it was just to big for the crusty landing .. in the end it was too sketchy and we had to quit ..

talk soon


Sonntag, 27. März 2011

Argon Shoot #2

Hey Djudes

we have been shooting for the Argon Project in the last week and here are some shots from the Jump we had in Sölden ..

talk soon


Montag, 14. März 2011

Shreddown craziness

hey people

we went to the Austrian masters this weekend and i have to say that it was a blast.
the Park was in really good conditions and it was a sick session .

i got 3rd in the Mens Slopestyle and was super stoked of my riding..

Wängl Tängl is on this week so the action does not stop

keep u updated ..


Mittwoch, 9. März 2011

Argon session


last 2 days we spent at the Kitzsteinhorn to get sone shots for the Argon Project done..

this was the jump we were hitting today..

was fun

talk soon


Sonntag, 6. März 2011


Hey People

soon it is time again for the legendary WÄNGL TÄNGL week
get ready for a week of SNOW, SKATE and MUSIC action ...
and keep an eye out for some banging teasers coming your way in the next couple of days


Montag, 28. Februar 2011

Nippon trippin !!!


its now 2 weeks that we have been in Japan and it was once again an epic trip..
we visited the main island first and went to the Nagano area
then we went to the Slope event a big Japanese Competition. after that we decided to go to hokkaido to ride some good Powder and get some shots done.

in the followong shots u can follow our trip a bit and get some feelings of how it was

Deep Pow in hokkaido
Shinjuku nightlife

Stani and myself at the Slope contest

Pillow heaven

Asahidake Mtn .

hokkaido has the best sushi in the world

Shinjuku Prince Hotel View

taht was our crew for 2 weeks
Alex, Stani, Keiji, Yugo and myselfg

i so hope to be back next year
thx buddies for this awesome trip



Samstag, 19. Februar 2011

Japan update

Konichiwa people !!

after we arrived in Tokyo we took the Shinkansen to go to Nagano. its one of the fastest Trains in the world
the first week of our Japan Trip we stayed in this really cool area around Hakubo

after 2 days of trekking some Pow our Japanese Teamrider "Keiji Okamoto" took us to his favourite resort called "Hakuba 47"

thats Keiji with our friend Atsushi Ishikawa.

and as you can see Keiji had a fun day riding his favourite park

Stani and myself tried to explore the resort a bit and we had a really good view from the Top

so stay tuned for more Japan shizzle ..

l8 CK

Dienstag, 15. Februar 2011

CK on Horsefeathers Clothing.. !!

hey people

i am really stoked cause i signed for Horsefeathers Clothing a couple of days ago.

so this is what is gonna keep me warm around the Globe from now on ..

eeööhhh CK

Konichiwa Japan

Hey boys & girls

its Japan time again and i have to say i am so stoked to be here..
the Snow situation is epic this year and i could not ask for more.

we did some nice snowshoe trekking today and found a couple of funny spots

as you can see it is pillow time deluxe here. it is gonna be a sunny day tomorrow and i hope to get some good lines in ..

keep u posted..
pow pow greetz


Samstag, 12. Februar 2011

1st place @ the Gloryfy Bastards Contest

hey people

yesterday i went to Gerlos to compete in the "Gloryfy Bastards Contest..
when i arrived there the first thing i saw was this huge corner looking Obstacle with a massive jump feature in the middle

it was a really scary feature but it also looked totally doable. after the training i knew that it was way smoother built then the year before and we where trying some solid tricks

i won the qualification but all the 6 riders who where in the Semi finals where able to win the contest so i knew it would be a hard fight in the end. the picture below shows the standing after the Quali

from the Top the stadium looked crazy.. there was so many people watching it and the atmosphere was really intense.
i am really happy that it worked out that well for e in the end. thx to all the people who made it happen .
see you next year



Freitag, 4. Februar 2011

Pow Jump v 2.0

Hey people..

this week we did some Pow jump ..

Mike did some photos of the setup

check them


Montag, 24. Januar 2011

Red Bull "Nanshan Open" 2011 in China

Hey Boys & Girls

last week i went to China for the 9th annual Red Bull Nanshan Open.
i was super excited because i had never been to China before .. :D
we arrived in Beijing and checked in to the Hilton. the plan was to get some sightseeing done on the next day and then head out to Nanshan. which is 80 k´s away from Beijing

there you can see me in front of the Entrance to the forbidden city..
the tiananmen Square, which is ocated in front of it, is sooo huge u can fit 10 million people on to it.

oh i nearly forgott the super delicious dinner in the first night.. it was soo good

and some more chinese style culture.. one of the big houses next to the Tiananmen Square..

after the Sightseing we headed to the nanshan resort.
there was a day of training before the qualification and it seemed that there is always some kind of breeze in the resort and i had a hard time already clearing the jumps.
on the quali day the conditions where a bit better but i had not my best day and came short in the training and brused my heel.
i still did the qualis but unlucky did not really put a good enough run down..

all in all i am still super stoked i went to china and i decided to go there again if i have another chance and try better..
thx to Steve, Ollie and the other guys and girls which made that happen and gave us a super nice time ..