Mittwoch, 5. Januar 2011

O´Neill Evolution Pro 2011

Hey Boys & Girls

3 days ago we arrived in Davos for the O´Neill Evolution Pro.
We are a big crew this year. Birgit Rofner, Julia Piaceska, Elena Könz, Michael Stanschitz, Roger Schuler and myself are here to try our luck in the Qualis.
the last two days was training for our Slopestyle qualification and i have to say the Kicker set up is way bether then last years. just for the fact that they did not make that small little first jump again.
the main kicker itself is really although it has a little steept take off and we had to get used to it.

Tomorrow is our quali and i hope it is gonna be a good day for us. 5 out of 40 men will qualify fromn one heat so it is gonna be a really hard call.
but lets see. i will get back to you after the qualis.
enjoy the snow wherever you guys are.

greets from us



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