Mittwoch, 17. November 2010

Snowfun @ Pleasure Jam 2010

like every year the Pleasure Jam is the first TTr Competition in Austria.
i was really looking forward to go there because i was already shredding a lot before.
The Park was looking really good but after riding it for a couple of runs we knew that the speed was a big issue on the jumps.
it was really hard to clear the 2nd kicker in the Qualification but luckily i made it through to the Semi finals

Our Team manager from Adidas "Gentile" brought some special wax with him and it was our lifesafer.
only with that wax i was really able to clear the jump really good . so i made it all the way through to the Finals and in the Finals everything was possible
my first run was good but i fucked up the last jump in the 2nd run so i ended up in 6th place. But i am rally stoked with this result and i hope it will work out like that for the next competitions too.

when i was taking the gondola down there was a really nice sunset and it felt even better .

back home we started to build a lift for our "Ruama Park" it is kind of private but it is gonna be soo sick.
i will keep u updated on that
so talk to you soon.


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