Mittwoch, 10. Februar 2010

From Russia with Love

i was not looking forward to get the Russian visa again last week. because it was time again to head over there and have some good time riding the 4 Star "BGV Fest" Event.
we flew in to Moscow and then on to Magnitogorsk where the Event was. so deep in the Ural.

when we arrived it was -30 degrees and it was staying that cold also during the Event.
but it as still super fun to ride because the Set up was pretty good and the riders where motivated..

in the finals all the Riders where really throwing it down and there was a super high level..
Chris Sörman won the Contest with a Sw Bs 9 to bs 9 line..
my final line was fs 1080 to bs7 ..

in the end i finished in 4th place and i even got some bling.. so all good..
Stani and myself had a lot of good Russian fun and we for sure will be back.

watch out for the upcoming Video Blog About our Russia Trip..
be tight

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