Montag, 11. Januar 2010

O´neill Evolution Pro 2010

last week it was time again for the O´neill contest in Davos. i went there with my brother Rudi, Stani and Herby. The Slopestyle Set Up was in a hard but good condition. the only problem at first was to get to know the speed. once u had that figured out it was fun to ride.
we had a really cosy appartement there too. actually that was the first time i really enjoyed a nice appartement in davos instead of a bunk bed hostel.. :)

at the Qualification i was in the first heat at 10 in the morning. it was pretty hard conditions at that time but ok to ride.

but i saw the best ride at the end of the day. a stunning "Bugatti" next to the contest area. i think i looked at it for 10 min. haha

thats for this times blog. hope u check it out next time


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  1. Nice, nice! Fun in the snow is definitely better then tropical rain in the Caribbean. Wish you nice powder and a great time!!